Nam-Phake and Tipam-Phake Buddhist Temples


Nam-Phake Buddhist Temple

This monastery is considered as a meditation centre and has also developed into a very popular tourist spot to be visited in this village. The serene surrounding and natural beauty of the place make it a more unique location. The people living here are the followers of Buddhism and their beliefs and traditions are very strong in this regard. The village has an Ashokan Pillar built nearby and a Buddhist Pagoda. On entering the main temple you will get to see a statue of Lord Buddha made of gold. There is a water tank inside the monastery which is named as the Mucalinda Tank and is considered to be very holy. The biggest festival celebrated in this village is the Poi-Nen-Chi Festival, which is held in the month of March. This occasion is organized to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Poi-Nun-Hok is another grand festival in which the birth of Lord Buddha is celebrated.

Tipam-Phake Buddhist Temple

Tipam Fakial village is also known as Tipam Phake village which is located in Naharkatia of Dibrugarh district. It is situated 18km away from the headquarter Naharkatia and 58km away from district headquarter of Dibrugarh. The total geographical area of the village is 260.73 hectares. Tipam Fakial has a total population of 1,420 peoples. There are about 251 houses in Tipam Fakial village. The village of Tipam Phake was established in 1835 AD and the Tai Phake Buddhist monestry was established in 1850 AD. The people of Tai Phake are generally Buddhists. Tai Phake is a large branch of ethnic group with its own unique art, culture, language and tradition. Tai-Phake people have preserved their customs, traditions, culture, heritage and cuisine with great care; welcoming tourists with warm smiles to experience the Tai-Phake way of life. The monestry of Tipam Phake village is a unique architecture saving all the customs of Buddhism in it. It is a tourist destination of all communities and races