Office of the Cultural Centre

Last Updated on: September 13, 2022


The Cultural Centre of Dibrugarh District functions under the Directorate of Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Assam.

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To protect, conserve and propagate the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Assam by supporting and sustaining cultural creativity and expressions, as a unifying factor within our rich diversity.


  1. To preserve our cultural heritage.
  2. To promote diversity of cultural expression by providing support and creating a conducive environment.
  3. To disseminate the creative expressions of our artists through exhibitions, performances, publications, and by supporting institutions and individuals engaged in the furtherance of these activities.


The functional spectrum of the Department is rather wide, ranging from gathering cultural awareness at the grassroots level to promoting cultural exchanges at the National level. Along with the programmes for the preservation of the State’s cultural heritage, the activities of the Department encourage and disseminate a variety of contemporary creative arts as well.

Key Function:

  1. Preservation and promotion of the living culture of the ethnic and indigenous tribes and communities of the state.
  2. Searching for talents in music, dance, acting, fine arts, etc. from different parts of the State and providing them with the adequate opportunity for developing their talents and exposure.
  3. Using cultural talent to develop the entertainment industry in the state, thereby promoting employment.

General Overview:

The aim of the Department is to develop ways and means through which the basic cultural and aesthetic sensibilities of the people remain active and dynamic. The Cultural Centre preserve and promote the traditional folk songs and dances of the state by holding workshops/programmes of these dances and songs at the district level to spread cultural awareness, based on the Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Assam prepared module.