Office of The District Commandant Home Guards

Last Updated on: September 13, 2022


The District Commandant Home Guards Office is located at Grahambazar Dibrugarh and the office is presently running from the  old post mortem House of Health Department, Dibrugarh. Head of the Office is District Commandant Home Guard which is equivalent to the rank and status of Ad. SP  from Police service and assisted by the following other staff vizSubedar, Platoon Commander, Havildar and office of the amalgamated staffs of Deputy Commissioner  i.e. Sr.AssttJr.Asstt, Storeman, Chowkider& peon.

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The main vision of the Home Guards organisation is to focus on training to the civilians under the age between 20 years to 55 years from the bonafide citizen of India. Members of the Home Guards who are willing and active are eligible as Home Guard Volunteer for a block period of  three years voluntary service with a duration of 06(six) months rotation  at a time which includes free uniform & duty allowance , when engaged/deployed .


Providing trained man power to the district for working as an auxiliary force to the police for maintenance of security and Law and order and any kind of emergency as and when arises in the state.


The Home Guards volunteers are  to serve as an auxiliary Force to the District Police Force to deal with Law and order situation and in maintaining social harmony , collecting information ,Traffic management and to help the community in emergency such as Fire, earthquake, epidemic etc.

Key Function:

  1. To serve as auxiliary force to the police and generally help in maintaining internal Security and Industrial Security.
  2. To  function as an emergency force intended for special tasks like Pandemic, Election, National Calamities etc.
  3. Conducting of Basic Training depending upon vacancy.
  4. Conducting of Advance Training specially  for Arms  and other Tactics.

General Overview:

The Home Guards unit prepares the Home Guards volunteers and helps in building leadership skill for future deployment and mobilisation .The organization is under the Home Department ,Govt. of Assam. 


In every three years an Assessment  is done for all Home Guards volunteers of the District who are  expressing their willingness to  opt and  continue as Home Guards volunteer for a next block period of three years.

Administrative Set Up:

  1. O/o the District Commandant, Home Guards, Dibrugarh comprising with Tinsukia and Sadiya headed by District Commandant equivalent rank of Add.SP or Dy.Commandant.
  1. District Training Centre Home Guards, Chabua, Dibrugarh headed by Centre Commander in the rank of Subedar under the command of District Commandant.