AH and Veterinary

Last Updated on: September 22, 2022

Animal Husbandry is potentially one of the most important sectors of rapid socio-economic development of the state. Fast growth in this sector is essential to not only achieve higher productivity level in livestock production but also for increase in rural household income. The main objective of the department is to make strong rural economy through encouraging livestock and poultry farming among rural farmers. Thus the state shall be self sufficient in milk meat and egg production as well as to create gainful employment opportunities for unemployed youth and unprivileged of the state.

1. District AH and Veterinary Office, Dibrugarh, Pin 786003
2. Email: dibrugarhdistahvetyoffice@gmail.com
3. Contact No:  9435030311

Assam is a state where farm, wild and companion animals are contributing to human health, nutrition, livelihoods, entrepreneurship development and employment generation, sustainable economic and social wellbeing of all its citizens.

1. Department will work towards achieving the above vision thorough efficient implantation of regulatory provisions for public health and protection of human, animal and environmental interest.
2. To ensure delivery of veterinary, extension and breeding services and promote, facilitate production and trade of quality, safe and nutritious livestock products.
3. To monitor emerging diseases, documentation of traditional practice, conservation of animal resources and development of skill of people for employment and entrepreneurship.

1. Veterinary service availability to poor at door step.
2. To give ownership of livestock asset to poor in agriculturally less productive areas.
3. To ensure livestock linked entrepreneurship and employment generation.
4.   To ensure affordable, quality and nutritious livestock products availability at villages.
5. To improve productivity of livestock through sustainable and scientific breeding operations essentially conserving local breeds.
6. To ensure prevention of emerging and zoonotic diseases and share disease epidemiological data with health department.

1) Artificial Insemination.
2) Treatment and vaccination.
3) Insurance of livestock.
4) Postmortem of livestock.
5) Awareness and training to farmers.
6) Prevention of emerging and zoonotic diseases.
1) MAITRI (Multipurpose AI technician for rural India) training for A.I. and Castration.
2) Farmers training

Training to the farmers about various farming, Awareness on proper vaccination of livestock, Training on various subsidized govt programme, Training on healthy farm production, Treatment of livestock and pet animals, Vaccination camp for livestock as well as for pet, Door to door vaccination cum treatment,  Artificial insemination of cows and goats at doorstep, Castration of bulls, pigs, goats etc., Postmortem of any unusual death of livestock, to issue Health Certificate, Insurance of livestocks, Fodder production,  Farmers' training for knowledge on modern farming methods. 3. Chick, Duck & Piglet supply, Feeds & Fodder supply during disaster.