Labour Welfare Department

Last Updated on: September 16, 2022


Office of the Senior Inspector of Boilers, Dibrugarh, is a subordinate office of The Inspectorate of Boilers, Assam, Labour Welfare Department. The office has been functioning from a rented house near Shiv Sakti Bishnu Mandir, Chowkidingee, P.O. C.R. Building, Dibrugarh, Pin: 786003.

The inspectorate undertakes inspection & testing of boilers to ensure the safety of boilers, life &  property as per Boiler Laws.

Contact us:

Shri M Mali, inspector of Boilers, Dibrugarh Ph. No. 9435143240.

Shri S. Ali, Inspector of Boilers, Dibrugarh Ph. No. 9435036918


  1. To promote industrial growth by providing quality/sound inspections of Boilers, and steam lines during manufacturing ( at the site),  erection, and use.
  2. To make the service delivery system faster and more user-friendly through Ease of Doing Business(EODB).


  1. To enforce Boiler Laws with fairness.
  2. To bring the safety of life and property through prompt and efficient services.
  3. To generate competent human resources for safe and efficient operation of Boiler by conducting Boiler Attendant and Boiler Operational Engineers Examination.
  4. To commit for time bound reliable and transparent public delivery system under the provision under ARTPS Act. 


To protect and preserve life and property and to help in speeding up the development in the national interest by implementing the following Central and State Laws:-

  1. The Boilers Act, 1923 (V of 1923).
  2. The Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950.
  3. The Boiler Attendant Rules, 2011.
  4. The Boiler Operation Engineers Rules, 2011.
  5. The Assam Boiler Rules, 1935.

Key Function:

  1. Effective implementation of all provisions of Boiler Laws.
  2. To register Boilers and Boiler components.
  3. To conduct a periodical inspection to ensure the safety of the Boiler.
  4. To conduct stage inspection of Boiler/Boiler components at the time of erection/repair/alteration and modification.
  5. Conducting an investigation of accidents of Boilers and Boiler components and subsequent preparation of report/recommendation.
  6.  Initiate legal proceedings due to violation of Acts and Rules.
  7. Searching of unregistered and uncertified Boilers/ Boiler components.
  8. Supervision of Remnant Life Assessment of Boilers.
  9. To represent Central Boilers Board constitution under Sec.27A on behalf of the Government.
  10. To act as Competent Authority to certify welder certificates in form XIII.
  11. To grant permissions for manufacturing/repairing of boiler and boiler components.
  12.  To regulate the transfer of boilers.
  13. To approve firms as Boiler erectors/repairers under Reg.392.
  14. To approve all drawings and plans for the construction of boilers/boiler components/pipelines.
  15. To approve the Residual  Life assessment Report of Boilers and Boiler components.

General Overview:

“Boiler”, is equipment, used to generate steam under high temperatures and pressure and such steam is a useful power plant, chemical, fertilizer, paper, plywood, food processing, etc-  thereby playing a vital role in the industrial development of the state. Being self-destructive and self-explosive in nature it needs very stringent control regarding maintenance and operation & inspection at different stages. The inspectorate undertakes inspection & testing of boilers to ensure the safety of boilers, life &  property around the boiler plants under Boiler Laws.