District Industries and Commerce Centre

Last Updated on: September 15, 2022

    The District Industries Centre, has been established with the purpose of promoting Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in the District which contribute significantly for the economic growth of the District and also generating employment opportunities by implementation of various central and state governments’ schemes and programmes. DIC’s provide full assistance to the entrepreneurs who are going to start the business on their own and in their regional places.

Contact Us:    
Email: dibrugarh@diccassam.com

    To achieve sustainable & balanced industrial growth leading to more employment opportunities, income & economic development of the state.

1.    To promote Entrepreneurship in the District.
2.    To create a favorable climate for Industrial growth.
3.    To develop the district as a hub for Enterprises based on available resources.
4.    To generate employment opportunities.

1. Accelerate the overall efforts for industrialization of the district.
2. Rural industrialization and development of rural industries and handicrafts.
3. Providing the benefit of the government schemes to the new entrepreneurs.

Key Function:
1. Development of industries in the district.
2. Registration of new industrial units.
3. Identification of land for industrial purpose.
4. Provides information about various government schemes, subsidies, grants and assistance available.
5. Implements government sponsored schemes/policies for educated unemployed people like PMEGP, PMFME, ATISIS, MMTUBA and any other scheme/policies which are likely to come.
6. Industrial survey.
7. Maintenance of Industrial Estates, Industrial area, Growth Centre, Commercial Estate.
8. Organizing Exhibition, Industries Fairs within and outside the district.

GENERAL overview:    
DIC is to promote Industrial Development in the District, in order to generate employment opportunities, by facilitating entrepreneurs in establishing Micro, Small and Medium enterprises by improving necessary conditions like infrastructures development, skill development and providing financial support in the form of incentives to the prospective entrepreneurs.