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1.  National Livestock Mission (NLM):

The National Livestock Mission (NLM) is designed by Govt. of India to implement the Central Sector (CS) and Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) of  Government of India throughout India in accordance with general financial provision of 90% (Central Share): 10% (State Share) of Project Cost and additionally under revised version of July,2021 Operational Guideline of Realigned National Livestock Mission Scheme (2021-2026) of 100% Central assistance in some of the activities (Assistance for quality fodder seed production; R & D and Innovations and Honorarium and Publicity under Livestock Insurance) with support of 50% subsidy for entrepreneurial  promotion upto ceiling limit of Rs 50.00 lakh. The pattern of assistance remains the same for Livestock Insurance – APL category: 35% (CS) - 25% (SS) - 40% (BS) and BPL/SC/ST: 50% (CS) - 30% (SS) - 20% (BS).

The Central Sector Scheme aims at Entrepreneurship Development through,

  • Entrepreneurship For Rural Poultry
  • Entrepreneurship For Sheep and Goat  Farming
  • Promotion of Piggery Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial Activities in Feed and Fodder

Various activities under NLM:

1. Goat Distribution

2. Fodder Seeds Distribution.

3. Poultry Distribution (LIT) under IPPP.

4. Training on Piggery, Poultry, Goatery and Dairy.

5. Training on fodder cultivation.

6. Chaff Cutter Distribution.