District Fishery Development Office

Last Updated on: September 16, 2022


The office of the District Fishery Dev. Officer, Dibrugarh and Chief Executive officer, Fish Farmers Dev. Agency is located at Sukanpukhuri, Dibrugarh. The present Head of the Department is Sri Tirthanath Hazarika, DFDO, Dibrugarh, the office campus also includes sukanpukhuri fish seed farm, which is a government fish farm and is projected to be a model farm to sensitize public on the benefits and joys of fish farming. Fish is a very important commodity. Assamese hours hold having significance from nutritional as well as cultural point of view. Over the year, the Department of Fisheries has been a catalyst in uplifting fish production in the state and minimizing the amount of imports from other states. Not only the farming sector, the department of fisheries is also having financial assistance to different categories of beneficiaries engaged in capture fisheries and marketing sector. The inland fish production for Dibrugarh district was around 14000 Metric Tons for the year 2021-22. With a measure of 9 kg per capita consumption annually with the onset of vertical as well as horizontal expansion in fishing sector, Dibrugarh district isprogressively developing towards self-sufficiency in terms of fish sed and fish seed production such development shall also ensure the stakeholder associated with the sector will have socio-economic upliftment and better livelihood earning opportunities.

Contact Us:

Sri Abhinandan Kashyap

FDO(I), Contact No. 8638076654

Office E-mail ID: dibrugarhfisheries22@gmail.com


The Department of Fisheries aspires to being about a revolution in the fishery sector in the state commonly termed as “Blue revolution”. Dibrugarh district endowed with waterresource in the form of wetlands, riverine fisheries, low lying area etc. that have immense potential for boosting fish production and employment generation in the district. such is the vision of the department, to reach a state of self-sufficiency in terms of fish and fish seed production and to ensure proper sustainable utilization of available water resources in the district.


“Mission Blue Revolution”

the objective of this mission is to being about both vertical as well as horizontal expansion in fishery sector in the district for development of the sector, it is targeted to bring more area under fish farming and sensitize local public for adoption of fish farming as primary livelihood option. There is also a necessity of technology upgradation and diversification of aquaculture practices. Modern technologies such “Recirculatory Aquaculture” system, Bio-floc fish forming have been promoted to through medium of schemes such as “Pradhan Mantri MatsyaSampoda Yojana” and beneficiaries have enthusiastically adopted. All Officials, Engineering wing, field functionaries and staff under the office of the DFDO, Dibrugarh and putting continuous cohesive effort for reality of this mission.


For overall growth of the sector, the Department functions with the slogan of ‘’Grow More Fish’’ and the following mandates:

To increase fish and quality fish seed production in the state with optimum utilization of resources. Implementation of fishery related schemes of the Government of Assam and Government of India. To identify and deliver the benefit can be disseminated to the grass root level usersto collect,compile, analyze and make available adequate / relevant statistical and other information for proper planning to promote fish farming and related industries/ activities. To prepare/support in preparation/vet project reports and proposals related to Fisheries and Fishery related industries. To provide extension services to fish farmers/ fishermen and fishery entrepreneurs.

Key Function:

  1. Implementation, Monitoring and evaluation of different Government schemes
  2. Organizing of Awareness campaigns, Sensitizing, program etc. issues on fisheries sector.
  3. Baseline survey for assumption of fish production and resourceutilization in the district.
  4. Observation and implementation of Assam, Fishery Rules 1953 in the district.
  5. Providing technical knowledge to any stakeholder (s) associated with fisting sectoron disease management & protective measures, breeding operations, pre and post operation etc.
  6. Generation of Government revenue through functioning of Departmental farms and leasing out of water body under the Department.
  7. coordination with district administration for performing different function as and when necessary.

General overview:

Fisheries is an important sector in the state of Assam which supports the livelihood of around 3 lakh fish farmers and around 10 lakh fishers in capture fisheries. Moreover, around 90% of the population of the state are fish consumers. Considering the immense potentiality of the sector the Department of Fisheries is entrusted with the responsibility to make proper use of available resources through mobilization of fishers and fish farmers.